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Hi, I am Kyagi, an NFT collector.

While we are all thrilled and excited by the daily updates of TAG’s progress, but I have a few questions, as follows…

  • What is TAG?
  • Is NFT interesting?

I guess many people have not yet heard of TAG or have not been following the information about TAG on social media.

For those who are considering to purchase TAG’s NFTs, I have summarized current and updated information as simply and as clearly as possible.


*This content is current as of December 2022. While every effort has been made to ensure that the content and information on this website is as accurate as possible, it is possible that erroneous information may have been included, or that information may be out of date.
*Please understand that I am not responsible for any damage or loss caused by the content of this website.

Please enjoy reading with this lovely background music in the TAG Twitter Space ♫


1. What is TAG?
2. The vision of TAG for the future
2–1. Proposing new ways to enjoy the music and entertainment world
2–2. Forming deep bonds with other NFT projects
2–3. Regional revitalization through cross-industry collaboration
3. The Reasons why TAG get loved so much
4. 3 activities to enjoy TAG
4–1. Join their Discord
4–2. Participate in Twitter Space by Founder Nanataku
4–3. Get Roles
5. Summary
6. TAG Discord is the place to be!

What is TAG?

TAG is an abbreviation of “Tokyo Alternative Girls (トウキョウ・オルタナティブ・ガール)”, an NFT project from Japan.

“Alternative” is a word that means “new and unconventional,” and this is a completely new type of Japanese NFT generative collection.

10,000 NFTs as authentication keys to participate in musical events in both real life and the metaverse were sold out on Nov. 5.

On the first day of sales, TAG achieved following 2 points in the global market of OpenSea.

  • Trend #1
  • Total Volume #2

✓ Collection Name: Tokyo Alternative Girls (TAG)
✓ NFTs Total Supply: 10000
✓ Mint Date: November 5, 2022 (19:00 JST)
✓ Price: 0.002 ETH (Mint Price)
✓ OpenSea official Website Listing
✓ TAG official Website Launch

Tweet Translation:

“TAG is looking awesome!
- Trending #1
- Total Volume #2

Can’t wait their coming announcements about utilities!

#TAG is the only way to win”

Tweet Translation:

“Opensea has started to show TAG stats!
Trending #1, also #2 in 24 hrs

And it might has caused that the floor is rising again now!”

Tweet Translation:

“Trending #1 worldwide
International influencers responded to it

We have caught the eyes of influencers not only in Japan but also around the world!”

Quoted Retweet Translation:

“International influencer (65,000 followers) also taking notice of #TAG!

This is gonna be hot!

#TokyoAlternativeGirls #TAG #NFT #nft #NFTs #nfts
@77takuNft @tokyo_a_girls @z5_6969
#TAG is the only way to win #NANATAKU”

TAG’s trading volume has continued to grow steadily since then, and ranked 10th at total trading volume in Japan, on current as of Dec. 2022.

Tweet Translation:

“NFT total volume ranking in Japan.
CNP is #1, as their position is stable, with 6,534 ETH volume. #2 Sinsei Galverse, #3 YuGiYn. And Neo Tokyo Punks, Aopanda, CNPJobs, XANA are all strong projects too.
Nevertheless TAG is ranked as #10 with 460 ETH there.
Taking into account their vitality, management resources, and ideas, the growth potential of TAG is still great!”

Tweet Translation:

“Good morning everyone

— The summary of TAG market this morning —
- Floor and best offers are close
- Total volume of transactions exceeded 460 ETH.
- The number of listings is decreasing.

Morning TAG Twitter Space starts at 8:15am
“The utilities for vegetables will be added”
#TokyoAlternativeGirls #TAG is the only way to win #TAG”

The vision of TAG for the future

The word “TAG” is also included the meaning and plays with the idea of “tag-teaming”, sharing efforts as a team to collectively win.

Benefits of Holding: An admission pass for Web3 Live music club, exclusive livestreaming of a live music club event at Shibuya, and much more!

TAG aims to create the content that creators and members can work together as “TAG-Team” (TAG).

Here are their 3 future plans considering that…

1. Proposing new ways to enjoy the music and entertainment world
2. Forming deep bonds with other NFT projects
3. Regional revitalization through cross-industry collaboration

1. Proposing new ways to enjoy the music and entertainment world

TAG proposes new ways to enjoy live music concerts, for further enjoying the world of Web3.

STEP1: They created a partnership with a live music club owned by Victor in Shibuya called Veats Shibuya. There set 4 cameras for music performance, and viewers can freely switch between those cameras while they are viewing contents.

Veats Shibuya (Venue) — Image from M-Up Holdings

STEP2: They will set up a virtual live music club in “Shibuya 5G” metaverse. and will run various events there.

Ryota Katou (Composer) Music Collaboration with Nakata Atsuhiko

STEP3: Ryota Katou, Vocaloid Producer, will create the music for them

STEP4: Romako Nonoshiri, as a rising star in NFT field, will work for recording of thier music.

*These plans have possiblities to be changed depending on the progress.

2. Forming deep bonds with other NFT projects

They distributed AL (Allow List, priority purchase rights) to mainly Japanese projects.

The purpose why they are going with this way is to boost the domestic NFT field by supporting each other’s projects.

AL Distribution Results

SchoolData, AsterPrince, SHOOT!WORLD, KAGURA, Shikibu World, and many others…

They will continue to support and collaborate with legitimate projects as best seen fit.

3. Regional revitalization through cross-industry collaboration

TAG is trying to realize “NFT x Regional Revitalization” by collaborating not only with the Web3 world (NFTs, blockchain, crypto), but also with other industries.

- Pork can be bought for cheap! Discount at GIFTON SHOP

- Oysters can be bought for cheap! Discount at Kaki Wakate-no-Kai

- Vegetables can be bought for cheap! The Vegetable Collaboration with Tomajo

The sales webpage will be published separately (coming soon).

And other collaborations with projects for agricultural products, sake, beer, etc. is under consideration.

Please stay tuned for TAG Discounts by just holding TAG NFTs.

Current Roadmap Progress

Here is the summary for utilities as of Dec. 4, 2022 (made by Santa)

The Reasons why TAG is loved so much

NanaTaku — Founder of TAG (Production Team, CNP)

Founder Nanataku hosts Twitter Spaces at 8:15am and 8:15pm almost every day!

Tweet Translation:

“TAG is keep running Twitter Space, having energy as much as pre-gen!

It has daily update news and role-up lottery too!

Why don’t you join us?

#TAG is the only way to win

Quoted Retweet Translation:

“Our Twitter Space has frequent daily update news! and also role-up lottery! start at 8:15pm
You can also see and enjoy Discord comments there! Here is how to join it.
1. Follow
@tokyo_a_girls @77takuNft
2. RT + Like this tweet, and post what you want us to talk about in Quoted RT
3. Log in

TAG keeps Twitter Spaces going every day and maintains the same high energy as before the launch.

“The Never-Ending Cultural Festival”

“Screw Around Seriously”

These are their concepts and they are continuing their daily activities based on those ideals…

Their Twitter Spaces are being well received, which allows the connection between founders and Discord members directly.

…and the ideas that come up at conversations on Twitter spaces, often get realized and come to life!

It’s a comfortable and friendly community that has right space between founders and TAG holders (a.k.a. TAG友, TAG Tomo[friends]).

Note: There might be in endless conversations about shrimp fried rice or ramen noodles only, when you join Twitter Space.

3 Activities to enjoy with TAG

Here are 3 activities you should partake in to truly enjoy TAG…

1. Join Discord

Discord is a place to communicate with TAG holders, team, and founders.

Let’s start posting at “first TAG & first role(#初tag&初ロール)” channel first.


If you’re interested, join the TAG Discord!

You can get the latest news and interact with other nice TAG members.

Benefits of Holding: An admission pass for Web3 Live music club, exclusive livestreaming of a live music club event at Shibuya, and much more!

Once joining the Discord, be sure to visit the ┣🔰②|role-selection channel, where you can select which Roles you’d like in the server that fit your interests and language. Please note you can remove them at anytime.

Click on the buttons for the Roles you would like

If you are a TAG Holder, you can use Wallet Connect in the ┣🤝|wallet-connect-ウォレット接続君 to connect your wallet and claim additional roles and benefits.

Click Connect Wallet to link your wallet with TAG NFTs

Be sure to visit the #┣🥇|roles channel to learn more about all of the TAG Discord Roles and the benefits of owning each role. The more roles you own, the better and the more benefits you have. For example, increased chances of winning AL/WL lotteries that happen exclusively in the Discord, as well as in partners’ servers. Check out the image below.

Many more roles listed in the TAG Discord Server.

2. Participate in Twitter Spaces, hosted by the Founder, Nanataku

Their Twitter Space is a time that allows for communication between TAG holders and founders.

Nanataku also keeps sharing the latest TAG news with the community. Summaries of each Twitter Space is posted at Discord, so be sure to check it out. You will never miss another update!

Tweet Translation:

“The goal of TAG is to form TAGs (tag teams) with various projects, industries.

And their Twitter Space will be held at 8:15pm in this evening sounds like a lot of fun!
Why don’t you join there?

#TAG #TokyoAlternativeGirls
#Nanataku #Otohachi”

Quoted Retweet Translation:

“We will have strategy meeting for Style Change with @O_to_8 today!
Also have role-up lottery.
It will start from 8:15pm.

It may have live dwawing an illustration?
Here is how to join.
1. Subscribe to Voicy channel ->
2. RT + Like this tweet
3. Follow
@tokyo_a_girls @77takuNft @O_to_8

3. Get Roles (Continued)

The TAG Discord has lots of roles, some of the most I’ve ever seen.

There are various roles, from meaningful ones to completely meaningless ones (^_-)-☆. “Screw Around Seriously”, remember?

The probability for winning AL/WL of other projects will be increased depending on each role. Note that Roles do stack and the winning multipliers are increased with the more roles you own, unless specified otherwise.


As of Dec. 1, 2022, the probabilities for your odds of winning have increased from 3x up to about 80x!
(And it could increase more in the future)

You can get the TAG Member role by purchasing 3 TAG NFTs.


To enable each role, you have to make Metamask verification it with Distributed Wallet(ウォレット接続くん) after purchasing NFTs.

Some roles give other benefits, such as attendance to TAG strategy meetings or priority participation in future music events.

It has great potential for more utilities in the future, so the more NFTs you have, the more you can enjoy.


If you become a premium member of Nanataku’s TAG Podcast at Voicy, you can get a SHAZNA role that gives 10x odds of winning at AL(Allow List) giveaway!

Tweet Translation:

“Good morning! I’ve always streamed Twitter Space twice a day, morning and night, but I’ve finally started Voicy, so Twitter Space will be only night.
I will update my Voicy channel every morning, so please listen those!

TAG is the NFT-Passport that works with real life —


So…how did you like it?

Even this is just a brief summarization, TAG has sooooo many utilities.

…and their community is very welcoming, so highly recommend joining.

By all means, Let’s get TAG NFTs and have more fun!

TAG Discord is the place to be!

If you want to get the latest TAG news, or comunicate with members and founders, Discord is the place to be!

Tokyo Alternative Girls Official Discord

Join TAG Discord => Go #updates&twitter-space channel if you’re looking to see the daily recaps and summaries of the Twitter Spaces and Voicy Podcasts

If you haven’t purchased a TAG yet, let’s so an NFT and enjoy your TAG experience more!

Buy your TAG NFTs on OpenSea


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Read this interview with TAG Founder, NanaTaku (English)

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Read this Twitter Thread by YuurinBee (English)

Special thanks to Sohachi for help with the base translation from Japanese to English.