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4 min readMay 10, 2019
LaZer Saber — Designed by YuurinBee

I recently became inspired and wanted a new design challenge to push my skills and step out of my comfort zone. I participated in the Neon Disctrict Pre-Sale and have been following ND & Blockade Games for a while, really loving what they are doing. I thought about crafting my own version of a Neon District item (weapon, armor, etc.) and finally decided to buckle down and hash something out.

So… I present the LaZer Saber, a single/two-handed blade that was inspired by the katana and the light saber. A double-edged sword that on one side is made of jewel steel and the other side is a LASER (Light Amplification By Stimulated Emission Of Radiation).

The inspiration behind this weapon design was integrating the future with the ancient, which is what I feel that Neon District is doing with their game. I also wanted to ingrain the digital and tech aspect into the blade, so I highlighted the circuitry and neon gradient (inspired by the ZENZO Ecosystem theme).

Does it charge up for power attacks or does it burn through everything in its path…?

Let’s get into Neon District now…

As many of you know, Neon District (Blockade Games) has come forward with some really innovative and creative ideas to have the community, fellow gamers, and investors more involved in the process and “story telling” aspects of the game. One example of this is when they decided to open up the ownership of the first in-game boss, Baus!

Below are the features they opened up to the highest bidder on the Baus.

• Power, mechanics, and gameplay

• Color Scheme

• Background Music

• Custom Avatar/Logo

• The Baus’ attributes

• Background Setting (potential logo)

Want to learn more about the Baus? Visit the original article here.

What other things is Neon District & Blockade Games pioneering?

Tweet by YT on Twitter

As of recent, Marguerite Decourcelle’s (YT / coin_artist) father had passed away and in honor to commemorate him, his Founder’s Key was revamped and a new in-game character was created. You can check it out now on OpenSea. Now, if that isn’t incredible, I don’t know what is…

In conclusion, Neon District and Blockade Games are doing some really interesting things and implementing innovative mechanics both into their game and their project, as a whole. I’m curious if they would consider taking a pioneering approach to collaboration and allow for their community members to create in-game items, as long as they met the developer’s standards.

On a side note, I personally would also like to see more inter-operability between different games and platforms, ultimately working together to take the space even further…

So, what do you think of the new “LaZer Saber”?

LaZer Saber — Inspired by ZENZO Ecosystem, the Katana, & Light Saber
LaZer Saber v2.0 (Suggestions from Diego)
  • This is community-made art for Neon District. Currently, this is not officially affiliated with Neon District or Blockade Games in any shape or form.