Marble.Cards — An Interview with Johan

1. What are Marble.Cards?

A Marble card is a crypto collectible-based on a web page URL, such as or There can only be one Marble Card for every unique URL on the internet.

2. What was your inspiration to create Marble.Cards?

Our initial idea was to build a way for people to play ”games” with internet content. Think reddit-ish, but with crypto incentives. As we kept conceptualizing, the idea of having one unique NFT tied to one unique URL and the concept of ”Collecting the Web” was born.

3. Is there a grand vision behind Marble.Cards or was it created just as a hobby or something fun?

Yes, we have big plans for Marble.Cards. We believe having every internet link connected to an NFT opens up huge possibilities for building content curation products. Imagine investing in the song of an upcoming band or an indie game developer and then get rewarded when they grow in popularity and for spreading the word about them. That is the type of platform we are building.

4. What do you think the most unique features are for Marble.Cards?

Most NFT platforms have universes and characters designed and controlled by the developers, in which, players are constrained within them. A Marble Card can be anything as long as itʼs on the internet and itʼs up to the players to decide what they want to collect and play with.

5. Why did you all choose to have a 1 card limit per URL, versus allowing the creator to decide how many cards could be made of each?

We believe that for it to be possible to ”collect the Internet”, that scarcity mechanic is a must.

6. Where all can you buy, sell, and trade Marble Cards?

On or on OpenSea at the moment.

7. Does Marble.Cards have any plans for adding or improving features?

Yes, we have a long roadmap. We are currently rolling out a level system, where players can earn XP and spend it leveling up their favorite cards and get rewarded for that. Next is to build out the platform mentioned above, where card battles and rankings are the first steps.

8. Whatʼs the best way for someone to get started using Marble.Cards?

Join our discord, introduce yourself and I will send you a welcome card! We also have avery active community to help get you started! :)

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News & Announcements

On Saturday 15:00 UTC, the first phase of Reddit will be opened for marbling. This will include several of the main subreddits, along with some smaller gems. All information can be found on the Marble.Cards Discord here.

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Official Marble.Cards Links & Resources


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