Interview with Tolgahan Bozkurt — Co-Founder of — Effortless Masternode Hosting

1. Can you tell us a little bit about your background and some of your big life influences?

“I would say that one of my biggest life influences was running the whole Minecraft community in Turkey between 2010 and 2014, before I got into the crypto space. We started a Minecraft community forum in 2010 and shortly after it became the largest community in Turkey, with nearly 300,000 users. They were very exciting times for us! It grew more than we could have ever imagined in a really short amount of time and the game itself was pretty popular as well. It was Minecraftʼs golden age back then, just like it was for Bitcoin back in 2017. This Minecraft community also lead me to met Cem in 2010, my partner with NodeHub.”

2. What drew you into the cryptocurrency and blockchain space originally?

“It was my friend who told me about cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin more specifically back in 2012. He was also one of the devs of this Minecraft community we had been managing back then. I should say that I wasn't really interested that much at that time, but later on it really got my attention. So, he and I started working in that field more and more.”

3. Is that what lead to you creating NodeHub and if not, what did inspire you to create

“It was the time that I met with Dash that gave me the idea of creating NodeHub. I was basically a cryptocurrency investor and Dash was one of my largest investments, out of a few coins at that time. There wasnʼt that many coins back then compared to now. I bought 10 Dash masternodes and if my memory serves me well, it was about $10 for 1 Dash. Then I started going through their documentation to setup my masternodes and I thought for a moment that… “God, it shouldnʼt that hard!” and thatʼs when I got the idea of creating NodeHub, back in January 2017. Although it took me until August 2018 to bring NodeHub to life, because as Iʼve mentioned cryptocurrencies were having their golden age, I couldnʼt miss it.”

4. What is to you and what is your “end-goal”, if you could have one?

“Apart from being our full-time job, is our growing baby and weʼre doing our best to be good parents. Our what you would call “end-goal” is to see him passing his teenage years.” Dashboard

5. What do you feel makes NodeHub more unique and different than a lot of other masternode hosting services?

“Well, although this is not easy to answer, I would say that is one of the easiest masternode hosting platforms to use. Being able to deploy your masternodes in less than 90 seconds is incredibly efficient and easy for first time users. On top of that, having the option of paying with different cryptocurrencies through our own payment gateway, NodeHubPAY, is also what makes a unique platform.”

6. How many masternode projects does NodeHub currently support?

“Weʼre currently supporting 173 different projects and itʼs growing every day.”

7. How many masternodes are currently hosted on the NodeHub platform?

“Right now, weʼre hosting 1,253 masternodes on the platform.” Statistics

8. How easy is it to setup a masternode on compared to the traditional, manual setup with a VPS?

“A typical masternode setup consists of two parts:

While completely does the server part of the setup, it also guides the user for the local part. I would say that itʼs the easiest way possible to setup masternode through”

3 Step Masternode Setup

9. Do you feel that creating a platform like this is going to help with the ultimate “mass adoption” goal with blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies?

“Of course! After all, weʼre working for the ultimate “mass adoption” of blockchain and the cryptocurrencies and every platform that works on this field is getting us once step closer to that goal.” Features

10. What do you feel is the biggest challenge we are faced with currently, in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space?

“I would say that the biggest challenge is us; the human kind. Once we stop considering cryptocurrencies as short term “investment” options and “temporary thingies”, start taking them serious, itʼll also be much easier to reach that ultimate mass adoption.”

11. Are there any new and exiting updates or plans for expansion to lookout for soon?

“We have a complete platform redesign in the way which will be released very soon. The new design will also allow us to be more flexible with our front end structure whereas the current design is really restricting us to build more content into it. With that in hand, youʼll see a lot of cool stuff in the future.”

New Cloud Plan Services — Coming Soon

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