Interview with Jarvis Nguyen (Co-Founder EMONT Alliance)

Meeting the Etheremon Team in HCMC (12/10/2018)

Interview with Jarvis Nguyen

(Co-Founder of Etheremon & CubeGo) — EMONT Alliance

1. What got you interested in Blockchain and why did you decide to create both projects Etheremon and CubeGo on the blockchain?

“I first learned about Bitcoin and Ethereum, but more I was more interested in the technology behind it. As a developer, I used to work for Garena on games such as Arena of Valor and League of Legends.

Traditional games focus more on the profits for the creator or company, rather than the value to the users and players. That’s why I want to create a game on the blockchain, so that it can bring more real value to the users. Users can actually have power the strength of the game. Etheremon is created on the Ethereum Blockchain and everyone has to make purchases through the store, even the staff. The reason why I am drawn to blockchain technology and building games on it is to create a new gaming system that empowers the users and players because it’s more fair for everyone when all the transactions and actions are recorded on the blockchain or open ledger.

Blockchain is still very early in development, but I believe it will be better and improved within a few years. At the moment, Ethereum is slow and still has high transaction fees, but we have some solutions for it. For all the important data, we store it on the blockchain and all of the minor data, we store it on a side chain or off chain to improve speed and so that the user doesn’t have to pay.”

2. What is the EMONT Alliance ?

“We want to do a lot for the ecosystem, but at the moment, we feel that the market is not ready yet. We want the EMONT Alliance to be a gaming community for people to join and grow together… sharing the same values and achieving the same goals. Also, we want to compete with traditional games and game companies to help improve and increase blockchain mass adoption. The EMONT Token is an ERC-20 token that is an in-game currency. It can be attainted by playing the game and you can use to play more or access more features. It is also can be purchased on Radar exchange. Currently, all the games in the EMONT Alliance only support ETH and/or EMONT and just recently partnered with Kyber Network to improve the payment process for both the backend and the user.”

3. What all games are in the EMONT Alliance?

Etheremon, CubeGo, MyCryptoHeroes

4. What other blockchain projects is EMONT Alliance working with and are there any others you would like to work with in the future?

“At the moment we are working with Kyber Network and Decentraland. For Kyber Network, we are integrating a new payment system in Etheremon. This is an improved payment system that allows you to buy the monster or “mon”.

We are working on 3D Etheremon and a battle system on Decentraland. Here is an official video from EMONT Alliance showing a demo (visit the link below).


Also, we working with MyCryptoHeroes and as I mentioned earlier, they are a part of the EMONT Alliance. We are working on creating 3D MCH “heroes” or characters. We currently have a partnership with MCH to help MCH reach the market and gain more players. We are focused on working together towards the same goals and build the EMONT alliance and blockchain-based games to benefit everyone.

We are testing on Zilliqa because they are faster, but there is still a long way to go. We are also actively exploring new and better chains, but nothing is certain for us yet. The focus is to stay in Ethereum, until further blockchains prove themselves to be more suitable.”

5. When did you start Etheremon and how is big is the community now?

“We first officially started Etheremon in December 2017 and now have about 9,000 players total (400–500 active daily players).”

6. What is Etheremon to you?

“I consider Etheremon the roots of the EMONT Alliance. It also has the biggest community at the moment. We don’t want it to be only a game, but it is the pioneering force of the EMONT Alliance.”

An Intro Guide to Etheremon (Click Here)

7. Can you explain the overall gameplay and experience of Etheremon?

“The unique creatures or monsters in the game Etheremon are referred to as “mon”. One of the main focuses of Etheremon are the masters in the game, also know as the “mon” or monster. You can play with the mon, bring them to battle , improve stats, quest/adventure, and more. Many players love to fight and battle their mon to increase the mon’s stats (attack, defense, & speed) and to develop the mon (after a certain level, they can evolve to the next form and lay eggs to hatch into another mon). In Adventure mode, players can explore the world and collect unique items where they can sell/buy/trade them on the marketplace. Players can also train at the gym and there is a practice mode and rank system for battling. All of the mon are able to be bought, sold, and traded in the marketplace.”

8. What was some of your main inspiration for Etheremon?

“Overall, we were most inspired by Pokemon and CryptoKitties.”

9. What is CubeGo and what inspired you to make it?

“It is a new unique blockchain-based game that we are building and just released. It is not fully decentralized and that’s why we want to build something new and unique to expand upon creativity and copyright on the blockchain. So, now anyone can make and create unique art that only they solely own. It is a simple concept and game, but actually it is quite new to the blockchain space in giving people more power and freedom over their creations. Want to make decentralized games more decentralized. We are even thinking about a voting system for players to decide the direction of the game, but it is just a concept at the moment.”

An Intro to CubeGo (Click Here)

10. Can you explain the overall gameplay and experience for CubeGo?

“We just released CubeGo about one month ago. The gameplay is very new and under development, but now players can use tools to build their cubegons (3D block/cube art) and watch them in the demo battle. The next step is to finish the battle system with the moves/skills and after that we are thinking about crafting and achievement systems.”

For more information relating to EMONT Alliance, Etheremon, & CubeGo, please visit the official links below.

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