CoinDreams — an Interview with Josep Gonzalez

7 min readJun 6, 2019

I’m happy to highlight one of the best, up and coming projects and apps out there — CoinDreams. It has been my pleasure to get to know the founder, Josep over the past months. Josep and I have been working together supporting each other’s projects, both CoinDreams and ZENZO. We have worked hand-in-hand for the past few months and have helped not only our projects grow, but many others as well. Due to our alliance, we have been able to become better allies in the blockchain, crypto, and gaming space together.

A few months ago Josep officially joined ZENZO to help with some front-end development and UX/UI. His contributions to the ZENZO Ecosystem have been profound in such a short amount of time. I have been helping CoinDreams on the sidelines for a while now, but have finally decided to get more involved and work closer with people that I not only trust, but respect. As of this article’s release, I am happy to announce that I am officially joining the CoinDreams team to help focus on brand development and business development.

Now, let’s get into CoinDreams…

What is CoinDreams?

“CoinDreams is a mobile app available for both Android and iOS. You’ll find tons of events from projects based on blockchain technology. There are different types of events like airdrops, giveaways, contests, bounties, etc. We also provide interesting information about the project, like a detailed description and useful links to connect with the community and the team. You don’t need to provide an email or any other kind of registration.

CoinDreams is very easy to use: install, open, and search for the event you’d like to join… that’s it! CoinDreams is still a young project and we have lots of ideas to improve the way users connect with projects, but also how projects can connect with users.”

CoinDreams App User Interface (ZENZO Theme — Multiple Themes to Pick From)

What is the grand vision for CoinDreams and what would you consider the ultimate goal?

“Our grand vision is to be able to connect with the whole blockchain community that is willing to learn and earn from any game or app based on blockchain technology. At the same time, we also want to spread our services to companies in order to help them share everyday news and events related with projects of interest to our community. There is still a long journey ahead for us, but we’re excited for what the future holds.”

How and why did you start CoinDreams, what was your inspiration?

“Everything started when a friend of mine shared with me about an airdrop event. I had never participated in an event like that before. To be honest, it was a little confusing because I didn’t know what steps I needed to follow. I also found it very difficult to check the project related to that event because there wasn’t any useful information on their website. All of these things combined made me think about how great it would be to create a useful tool that could help people in the same situation and be able to provide them with interesting, related events.

I started sharing events on Twitter, Telegram, Steemit and other websites. I wanted to understand deeper people’s level of interest and at the same time to learn how it all worked. It was a short and interesting period where, at the end, I saw how limited the reach and way to connect with people was. That’s why I wanted to go further and make something completely different.

Firstly, I’m a mobile software engineer. So, the first idea that came to my mind was to make a mobile app. Nowadays, mobile apps are one of the best ways to check information wherever you are and whenever you want. Most of the traffic belonging to important companies switched from desktop to mobile apps. Therefore, I started to work on both mobile apps (Android & iOS) to provide useful tools for people.”

CoinDreams Giveaway Events (NFTs — Game Items/Assets)

Is there a CoinDreams team or are you doing all of this by yourself?

“CoinDreams is currently a team of 3 members, Marta, YuurinBee, and myself (Josep). Marta is currently working on other projects and at the moment not solely focused on CoinDreams. She works on marketing campaigns and advising new strategies to make CoinDreams more visible and reach future Dreamers. In my case, I am focused on everything else, but mainly on development, design, and business development. I’m in constant contact with our beloved community and listening all of the feedback we receive. We like to stay close to all Dreamers from our community. Thanks to the recent addition, YuurinBee has joined the CoinDreams team to help with brand development, design, marketing, and community growth.”

Currently CoinDreams is doing a lot to support DApps and Ethereum-based games in forms of giveaways and airdrops, but are there any other plans to support other industries (different blockchain projects, games, etc.)?

“We started supporting blockchain projects not only related to the gaming industry from all over. Examples include Ethereum, NEO, Stellar, QTUM, etc. It’s true that most of the events are based on Ethereum because of its popularity and also because we are very focused on blockchain games at the moment. Sometimes we share events from non-gaming projects, but we are constantly witnessing how the demand of blockchain games has increased dramatically within our community. This is influencing us greatly to reconsider the direction where CoinDreams should go, along with helping us to refine our vision.”

CoinDreams App User Interface (Events — Airdrop, Bounty, Contest)

I have used the CoinDreams app (iOS & Android), but can you highlight some of the features?

“At this moment the main features are related to events and how you can find and participate in them all easily. The type of events currently are giveaways, airdrops, contests, bounties, and we are also working on pre-sales. You can customize your preferences in order to see specific types of events. Once you find an event, we provide you with all of the available information we collect about that project. We can even provide in-app buttons to open the Google Play or App Store to download the dapp or blockchain game with a single tap. That’s the incredible power of mobile apps these days, everything in one click!”

What kind of updates and features or plans can we expect from CoinDreams in the next few months?

“The next features will be focused on elevating the quality of the user experience in the app. We are improving the Filters section and also provide real-time information about the coin/token prices. We’re also interested in offering new content and sections to make sure that our community can enjoy CoinDreams, like never before. This new content will let us share more interesting information related to the projects listed on CoinDreams.”

Is there anything special or not covered above you would like to share with the world about CoinDreams?

“We would like to highlight the awesome community who make CoinDreams possible. We started with tiny numbers, few users, and no marketing campaigns and with an organic growth strategy, step by step. At this moment, CoinDreams is close to have 10,000 downloads on Android and iOS platforms, which is amazing! As we like to say, this is just the beginning and once we add the new sections and the new content, people will understand why they need to have CoinDreams installed on their phones and tablets. Also, it will be crystal clear why companies and projects will want to be listed on CoinDreams…”

There are several epic releases to keep your eyes out for from CoinDreams — Follow the social media pages to get the latest updates!

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